Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

There was a white woman, baking a chocolate cake for her little white son. She turned her back and that little white boy took that chocolate, rubbed it on his face, and said: ‘Look, Mommy! I’m black!’ She slapped the shit out of him: ‘Stop that Justin Timberlake crap! You go tell your dad what you just said.

Look, Daddy! I’m black!’ He said: ‘Don’t you start that Eminem bullshit with me! Go tell your grandfather what you just said.’ ‘Look, Grandpa! I’m black!’ Grandpa knocked the fuck out of him: ‘Don’t start that Al Jolson bullshit with me, Timmy! Go back to your mother.

Mother said: ‘Now, Timmy, what did you learn today?’ Timmy said: ‘I’ve learned I’ve been black for five minutes and already I hate you white motherfuckers!

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