A deal is a deal

A deal is a deal

See I had This problem with stuttering so I wen’t to the Doctor to see if there was anything that could be done about it.

After about two hours and $2000.00 worth of tests the Doctors says: “Oh I see”

So I said,”W ww  wwwwell is t t there anything yyyyy you cccccc can ddddd do?”

Doc says, ” Well the problem seems to be that your junk is to large and it’s pulling on your speech related muscles causing you to stutter.”

” Ca cc can you ff  f fix it? ” says I.

“Well sure we just have to cut away a chunk of your junk and sew the top back on and you’ll be as good as new”

Like that is as easy thing to do! (>_<)

So, I told the Doc to go ahead and get it done.

Two weeks after the surgery my stuttering was gone and my speech was fine, but, I couldn’t satisfy my wife any longer, (no pun intended), and she threatened to leave me. I love my wife very much and would do anything to keep her. So off to the Doctor I went.

I got into the exam room and came right out and said, “Doc I have to have it back! My wife is going to leave me because I can’t satisfy her any more. So I need you to reverse the operation.”

The Doctor looks me square in the eye and says, ” A Dddd a ddd a dd deals a ddd deal!!!!”

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