Jesus born in a manger

Jesus born in a manger

A Jewish woman entered a hotel. There was a sign that read: “Pets welcome, Jews not welcome”.

Undaunted by this the Jewish lady Mrs. Rosenburg, asked the hotel owner for a room please.

The innkeeper said, “Sorry we have no vacancies.” Mrs. Rosenburg replied, “The sign says VACANCIES right there!”

The innkeeper said, “Mrs. Rosenburg, you know we don’t allow Jews here.”

Mrs. Rosenburg repiled, “I will have you know I have converted to your religion.”

The innkeeper said, ‘Oh really. Then tell me how JESUS was born?”

Mrs. Rosenburg replied, “He was born of the virgin Mary in a small town of Bethlehem in a manger.

The innkeeper said, “That’s right and why was he born in a manger?”

Mrs Rosenburg slammed her fists on the counter and shouted, “BECAUSE SOME SORRY ASS OF AN INNKEEPER REFUSED TO GIVE A JEWISH LADY A ROOM”

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