A worried CEO

A worried CEO

A CEO has his business going well, but he’s a bit worried. He decides to check the competence of his employees.

The first person he meets is his assistant:
– Oh Miss, I’d like to ask you just a question. How much make 2+2 ?
– Yes Sir. Do you want a detailed memo on that?
– No, just answer the question.
– Well, I think it’s 4.

Then he goes to the computer tech:
– Hi John! Just a question. Can you tell me how much make 2+2 ?
John runs Excel, and after five minutes answers:
– It is 4.00 E+0, but I’m not sure, the support staff should come tomorrow. Will I ask them to check it?

Then he goes to the accountant:
– Hello mister, can you tell me how much make 2+2 ?
– Well, well, I know I’m late. I’m sorry. I didn’t already collect all the data, neither check all the accounts. But I can estimate it now between 3.196… and… let’s say… 5.659. But I’ll be able to make a much more accurate estimate within two weeks!

A bit disappointed, he goes to the sales manager:
– Hello Bob, could you tell me how much make 2+2 ?
– So… How much do you think it makes?
– I ask you to answer.
– Mmh… you don’t want to tell me your price. You want me to make an offer. – Indeed.
– So, let’s say 6! No, excuse me, you’re not that kind of man, you know the market. I sell it to you for 5.25, and that’s the price I’ make for my best friend!

Then he goes to his lawyer:
– Good Morning Mister. Can you tell me how much make 2+2 ?
– Right now?
– Yes!
– So, at first I would say 2, but I’m convinced that with a good preparation, we can get 3!

And, finally, he goes to the actuary:
– Hello Sir, can you tell me how much make 2+2 ?
– Of course. It is… It is… Mmmmh, well, how much would you like it to make?

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