Life choices

Life choices
I was having a quick drink in a quiet pub in town when I spotted a guy, deep into his glass at the end of the bar. He looked worse for wear and kind of sad so I went over.

“Hey mate, you ok?” I asked.

“What a fucking day.” he moaned. “My boss wants to kill me, I lost my job and my family too – my wife wants a divorce and my kids won’t speak to me.”

“Fuck. What happened?”

“I went round to my boss’s place this morning. Drop some papers off. He’s not in but his old lady is. And she’s a looker, even at 56. Anyway, one thing leads to another and after a few drinks I’m fucking her up the ass on the kitchen table. Which is when the boss came in.”

“Ouch.” I winced. “Unlucky, mate. And the family bit?”

“Well I work for my father-in-law…”

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