Microsoft way of life

Microsoft way of life

A man lived with his wife on the 20th floor. One day when he was at the office, his cheating wife called her boyfriend and they both engaged in a hot inferno of sex. The door bell interrupted the act and the wife peeked through door eye.

“Its my husband and he is early” she said…

“Shit, now what?”

“You just hold still and don’t move a muscle”

She opened the door and let the husband in…

He came in, threw the car keys and his jacket on the table and kissed his wife.

“Sweet heart! I’m hungry and I need to have sex right now!” he said.

“Oh honey! You’re so romantic, but I’m sorry I’m on my menstruation cycle today. I’ll fix something for you ASAP”

Suddenly the husband noticed the naked man on the floor in his bedroom.

“Who is that?”

“Ohh that? That’s a gift from my sister. Its a sex robot. She said I could use it while you are away” she replied and went into the kitchen.

The horny husband thought for a second and unzipped his pants after putting the ┬áROBOT in doggy position in his bed. As he was entering the robot, it started alarming…”Warning! Warning! Wrong application, malfunction expected.”

The husband startled and groaned in anger “Fucking shit, every sex instrument in this house is useless for me, but I should probably throw this one out of the window”

As he opened the window, the Robot realized that they were on the 20th floor. He started again…

“Software update available…..”

The husband stopped and stared at it while it said…

“Downloading data….”

“Installed! Now your desired portal is ready to use………”

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